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Internship Night November 8, 2018

By Emily Zerrenner

This past week the Writing Department and the Organization for Professional Writers hosted an event for writing students to learn about the basics of finding an internship and students’ past experiences. Professor and Internship Coordinator Dauvan Mulally led the first portion of the evening by going through the resources on the department’s website, such as how to register for WRT 490 (the internship class) and places to look to potentially find an internship. She mentioned that many students now are taking the opportunity to do a remote internship and named a few of the places students are interning right now, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, the University Development Office, and Artists Creating Together. Mulally is available not only to help you find an internship, but also to go over resumes and cover letters to help you secure that internship. Reach out to her at to make an appointment and begin the process!

The second part of the evening was dedicated to three students who had already completed internships and the seminar class. Marion Jamet spoke first about her time with Baker Publishing. She emphasized that students should not close themselves off to what they think they want to do. Although she was a marketing intern, Jamet is interested in publishing and was able to sit in on meetings and make valuable connections during her time at the company. Another key point was that Jamet researched the company before her phone and in-person interviews, but also took time to analyze herself and her strengths and weaknesses. That way, the student and their internship site can clearly communicate about what they want from each other.

The next student to speak was Maria McKee. She interned at the Grand Rapids Red Project, which is a nonprofit based here in West Michigan. The Red Project was not necessarily advertising for an intern, but Maria heard that they were restructuring their internal and external communications and decided to offer her services. It was a fast moving internship, as she detailed the time that they got word of a new policy and McKee created documents for it in that same day. She also encouraged students to step outside their comfort zone.

The final student to speak was Emily Ferrera. She interned this past summer at Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore (GSMISTS). This was another situation in which they hadn’t advertised an internship position, but Ferrera sent along her resume and asked if any opportunities were available. They had not had an intern in a long time, but offered her a position. In this, Ferrera got a wide variety of professional experience, such as writing press releases, helping with a recruiter manual, social media posts, and even graphic design. She emphasized being proactive with your communication and look for opportunities everywhere. GSMISTS is hiring again, as well!

Securing an internship can seem daunting, but these three students and the many before them have proven that it is doable. Take advantage of your resources like Professor Mulally and the GVSU Career Center!

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